ELS Productions has been in business since 1986 and has been involved in duplicating discs since 1997. With literally thousands of satisfied customers, A friendly and personal approach to customer setvice, and the best prices on the internet, let us be your trusted source for all of your duplication and replication needs.

ELS Productions - The Disc Duplication Experts!

Pick your packaging and turn time…

2 Day Turn ~ Duplication

CD Duplication - Jewel Cases   ELS Eco-Pack CD Duplication   DVD Duplication    CD Duplication Bulk Disc   Bizcard CD Mini CD

5-7  Day Turn ~ Duplication

CD Duplication - Jewel Cases   CD Duplication Digi-Pack   CD Duplication - Eco-Wallet   CD Duplication Cardboard Sleeve   DVD Duplication DVD Case   CD Duplication Bulk Disc

7-10 Day Turn ~ Replication or Duplication

CD Replication Jewel Case     CD Duplication Eco Wallet   CD Replication Digi Pack   CD Replication Eco Jacket   DVD Replication DVD Case   CD Duplication Bulk Disc

Faster Turn ~ Amazing Prices ~ Still The Best Customer Service

Start Here Get Your Discs In Just 2 Days!

ELS Productions has expanded all of it’s product offerings. We now offer our normal high quality duplication that you have grown accustomed to even faster. Now your order will be finished in two days instead of three at no extra cost! Click here to begin pricing your 2 Day Project. If you are new to disc duplication, click here to learn about your packaging options and to learn the industry lingo.

Start Here Get Your Discs In 5 Days And Save!

Not in a hurry? Cool, we have that covered too. Our new 5-7 day service offers prices we have never been able to offer before. You can still get quantities of 50 to 500 in 5-7 days at pricing that you will have a hard time believing. And you still get our amazing customer service and support. Call us and talk to a real person. Need help with your art? Call us, we’ll help. ELS Productions has always taken care of their customers. If you haven’t experienced it, prepare to be amazed. Click here to begin pricing your 5-7 Day Project.

Start Here Replication Starting At Just 500 Discs!

We also have replication available. Quantities as low as 500 and you won’t get gouged for doing 500. Real value on real replication. Compare our pricing with anyone, then compare our personal customer service, you’ll never go anywhere else again.

What Makes Us Different?

ELS Productions is a small CD, DVD, and Blu-ray duplication company. We don’t produce tens of thousands of discs each day. We work with small projects all over the country. Because we are small you’ll get to talk with a live person when you call. In fact, most of the time you’ll be talking with the owner. Since we do fewer projects each day, we have time to make sure yours is done right! Our pricing includes shipping… It has to be shipped so why not include it in the price? Make sure when you compare prices, you compare the final price to your door, not some hyped price that doesn’t include shipping and other options you need. We want to be your duplicator and we’ll work hard to keep you happy. Sometimes smaller really is better!