We are moving February 24th, 2017. If you have sent anything via US Postal to the old address, it will be forwarded automatically. We are building a new building and will be in a temporary location for 7-8 months. This will require two different addresses for mail vs. shipping until we move into the final location. Check below for current Mailing, UPS and FedEx addresses. Once we have moved to the final address, we will update this page. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (801) 676-0807

Thanks a lot for your interest in ELS Productions CD Duplication Services. You can contact us in a variety of ways.

If you want to ask us a question you can fill out the form below.

Our mailing address for masters etc. is below the contact form.


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Send your master disc and art files to:

ELS Productions Inc.
627 West Olympic Lane
Elk Ridge, UT 84651

UPS-FedEx Shipping Address
ELS Productions Inc.
375 North Elk Ridge Dr.
Elk Ridge, UT 84651

or… Call us at (801) 676-0807 or toll free at 1-800-927-3472.

Our normal office hours are M-F 8-5 Mountain Time