Our New ELS Eco-DigiPak is a hybrid design of the original DigiPak. There are some differences that you should learn about before making your final decision to order. Click on the Info-Graphic Image below to see an overview of the two package types.

Some thoughts about packaging...

There are some real advantages to our new Eco-DigiPak design but there are some trade-offs too. After being involved in this business for almost thirty years, I have learned a thing or two.

First, the package is more important to the artist, than it is to their customer.

While everyone wants a cool package, the person buying your CD is really purchasing the actual content, or the music. The packaging is just a container for the product. Sure, the package should be professional and convey your style, but it isn't what your customer is ultimately buying. After they have glanced over your package while they load your CD on to their computer, smart phone, or mp3 player etc., it usually ends up in a closet somewhere never to see the light of day again until they need to re-load it on to a new device. We listen to music on the go these days. Most people don't take the time to just sit down and listen to your music while they peruse your package notes and graphics.

Second, producing a CD is both an artistic and a business venture.

The artistic side needs to be balanced by the business side. If you want to be successful as an artist, it helps immensely to be at least somewhat profitable. Saving money and time can pay big returns in the long run. We think this new Eco-DigiPak design is a perfect example of form and function while not compromising too much on the overall product feel. If you agree, than this just might be the best package option for your project.

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