Convert CD to Image File for Upload

How to convert a master CD to an Image File (windows Only)

Get your free copy of Burnaware here.

It is now easier than ever to upload your master disc to us and save both time and money over sending your master in for CD Duplication. You will need to download and install a simple free Windows program called Burnaware (A link is provide above). They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we recommend you watch the video above to learn how easy it is to convert your master disc to an image file that you can then easily upload to us using our upload files page. 

Once your disc has gone through CD mastering, all you will need is the free program and a physical copy of your disc that has been mastered. This image file will include everything about your master CD including CD Text, ISRC Codes etc. that are part of your master. You are still welcome to physically send your master in but if you want to save time getting it to us and money paying for postage this is a great alternative. A few things to know:

  • You need an actual Master disc to use this program. It will not work with audio files on your computer.
  • This is a Windows Program. If you are on a MAC it might work if you have a Windows Run program but we haven't tested it.
  • If you don't use Windows, you might be able to find a friend that uses windows and install the program on their computer.
  • This is the best way to send a master to us. It includes everything unique to your master. 
  • We also accept DDP files if you or your mastering house have the ability to create that file.
  • You can also upload individual audio files but we will only place them in order and apply the normal 2 second spacing. 
  • If you upload individual audio files, they must be named by their track number IE: 01 Song Title, 02 Song Title etc.

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