Bulk Discs and Generic Packaging Replication

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Using our EZ Quote System is easy. Just select your desired quantity, then add all the options that you want. The total is displayed at the bottom of the EZ Quote form. You can play the “what if” game by changing quantity or options and seeing how they affect the final price in real time. Once you are satisfied with your options, just fill in the project information and add the order to your cart. You can then check-out and pay for your order. It’s EZ!

Confused About Options?

If you are new to disc packaging and duplication, or are unsure of any of the options on the form, just scroll down to the bottom of the page where we explain each option in detail. Still not sure? Just give us a call and we’ll help clear things up for you.

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  • Disc Imprint Options
  • CHoose Case Options
  • Graphic Layout & Design
  • Basic CD Mastering
  • No Rush Info
cd duplication with paper and vynal sleeves or clam cases

White Paper Sleeve

Clear Poly Sleeve

Poly Clear TrimPak/Clamshell

Slimline Jewel Case

When you don't need custom printed packaging, we have you covered. We offer a White Paper Sleeve, a Poly Sleeve, a Poly TrimPak and a Slimline Jewel Case. Just select the one you want and it will add it in including us inserting your discs into the package.

When all you really need are discs...

Sometimes you don't need a lot of fancy packaging, sometimes all you need is your disc duplicated in bulk, or maybe in a paper sleeve or slimline jewel case. We offer all of the above at a price, that will make you smile. Plus we do as few as 25 and you still get them shipped in 3 days with no rush fees. CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray, we do them all. Let us take care of your bulk disc duplication needs.

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