ELS Productions Rate Card 2022

We book all of our studio time by the hour. We have a half hour minimum per session and bill in quarter hour increments. Time will be rounded up to the next quarter hour increment (for example if you use 55 minutes you would be charged for the full hour). Studio time is billed at the same rate for all sessions. Recording, Editing, Mixing etc. are all billed at the hourly rate. Supplies and extra services such as musician or arrangement fees are charged on top of the hourly rate.

Hourly Rate - $70.00 per hour (Half Hour - $35.00 minimum)
Master Disc - $4.00 each
Arrangement Fee per song - $20.00 If we help with your arrangement there is a one time fee added to the hourly rate for each song we arrange. The fee is the same whether we add one instrument or multiple instruments.
Musicians & Vocalists - Fee Varies - Most instruments can be added using samplers and keyboards. Mark has an unusual ability to put almost any instrument in using the sampler. He can also sing back-up parts or even create back-up vocalists using your solo track. Sometimes nothing compares to adding a good studio performer. If you want a live musician/vocalist for any particular part in your project, we can help you find a great studio performer. The charge will be based on their rate and can be anywhere from $15.00 an hour to $100.00 an hour. Their fee is added to the studio time it takes to record them.

Important Info About Storing your Job/Recording Data

We keep your job on our hard drive at no charge for an undetermined, un-guaranteed period of time. While we try to maintain the integrity of everyone's data, we do not guarantee it from hard drive or computer crashes/malfunctions. The amount of data we keep is very large and we do cycle through the drives over time, meaning we clear older jobs to make room for newer jobs. If you want to store your data for future use, we recommend that you bring in a USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive to each session so we can back up your data at the end of each session. The time it takes to back up the session will be charged as part of your studio time. Multi-track recording at high quality bit rates takes a lot of storage space. You will need at least an 8GB drive to back up even a smaller one or two song project. A full album could take much more space. the more instruments/tracks the more space required. The more time you invest in a project, the more important backing it up on your own hardware becomes.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Always confirm your current rate when booking your appointment. Specials advertised on our Website and Social Media pages are not automatic, you must mention them when booking your appointment. We strive to keep our website up to date but cannot guarantee the pricing on this page. 

ELS Productions Recording Control Room

Control Room for ELS Productions. A recording studio located in Elk Ridge, Utah Near to Payson, Salem, Spanish Fork and Springville.

Vocal Booth in Utah County Studio

Recording Studio - Sound Room Elk Ridge, Utah

ELS Productions Recording Control Room

Comfortable Control Room offers full mixing, keyboards and everything else you might need to record your next project