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Turn your vocal lessons into a finished professional recording. 

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What Makes Us Different from Ordinary Vocal Training?


Turn your vocal lesson into a finished recording!

With ordinary vocal training, you get instruction but you don't get to record the actual audio to listen to. Each week after your lesson, we'll e-mail you a recording of the best performance you did during that lesson so you can listen to it during the week and identify areas where you need to improve. Over time you'll end up with finished tracks you can release to family and friends. Once you have completed several songs you can even burn them to a CD as an album or EP. We offer full duplication and professional packaging in-house.


See visual feedback of your pitch control

With our advanced software we can not only playback each vocal take, we can visually show you your detailed pitch note by note. When you hear and see the problem areas, they become that much easier to fix. It's an entirely new approach to vocal instruction. We make vocal lessons fun and exciting because you are working on a finished track while you learn!


Gain confidence and control over your vocal performance.

Confidence is one of the most important characteristics of a good vocalist. Confidence comes from knowing you can sing a song with pitch and tone control and deliver an emotional performance that is star quality. Confidence is something you gain as you see progress in your abilities. With our lessons, you get to hear every take. We find this type of feedback so much better than just having your instructor tell you what they heard. As you improve by hearing your various takes, and even visually seeing them, your confidence will blossom.


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