Are CDs Making a Comeback?

I hear it too often... "Are CDs viable anymore?" We have clients all over the country that will answer YES! CDs are still one of the best "souvenirs" you can sell to your fans that attend your shows.

During the show, your fans are excited and ready to  buy, don't come up short by not having product to sell them. CDs may not be as sexy as vinyl, but they still do the best job of delivering high quality audio over and over and over again.

Rob Sheffield of the Rolling Stone Magazine just wrote an intersting article (dated January 19, 2022) - Jewel-Box Heroes: Why the CD Revival IS Finally Here. It is a fun and interesting read. The point is, CDs are still relevant and shouldn't be dismissed and may actually be making a comeback.

As most of the country is moving back to normal business, many of you are back out performing gigs. Now is the perfect time to make sure you have CDs to sell at those gigs! With quantities starting at just 25, ELS Productions is your best bet for short-run orders. We get them duplicated and back in your hands fast! With virtually every packaging option you can want, what are you waiting for?

Supply Chain Issues

As you have probably heard, supply chain issues are becoming widespread. Unfortunately, our business is not immune. Plastic products are getting harder to find, and the price is going up almost every time we order. Jewel cases have experienced significant jumps in price, and we often have to go to multiple vendors to get an order shipped.

Paper is the other area that is getting tough. Finding the normal glossy paper for inserts has become next to impossible. Our stock is almost out, and multiple vendors have none in stock and no idea when they may get it in.

We will be doing everything we can to keep everything as close to normal as possible. We may have to substitute paper stock with what we can get in. If it is a significant change, you will be contacted before processing your order.

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