Upload Files


You can upload your files using the widget to the right. You can either drag and drop your files or you can select the files from your computer using the appropriate select files/folders buttons. There is a 2 Gig maximum allowed for uploads. You must fill in all of the information or the transfer will not be forwarded to us. Include your name, your e-mail address, and the transfer name (this is the job name you used when ordering). You may also include any optional message/instructions. Do not navigate away from that page until the upload is complete. This can take time depending on your internet connection and traffic. 


Music files for CD Duplication and editing that we accept are: WAV, AIF, MP3, or M4A files for individual songs. You can also upload a disc image for duplication. If you upload individual audio files, they must be named with their appropriate track number at the front of the file name (IE, 01 Song Name, 02 Song Name etc.). We will put them in that order and place a standard 2 second pause between each track. If you want CD Text or ISRC codes applied then you would have to pay for our mastering service. We recommend uploading CD quality files (WAV, or AIF) whenever possible. MP3 Files are a compressed format and the quality of your CD won’t be true CD quality if you upload mp3 files.

Art and Print files should be submitted as PDF, JPG, TIF, or PSD files. Your art files hsould not be compressed and should be high quality print ready files. Be sure to use our templates when you or your artist are laying out your art to ensure that everything will fit properly. If we find problems with your art files we will contact you and offer solutions to fix the issue but it will delay your order while those issues are worked out.

A disc image file is a file that contains everything from your master disc including song order, spacing, CD Text ISRC codes etc. There are two image files we accept for CD Audio Masters, a DDP file or a BIN and CUE file. We highly recommend either of these options if you can go that route. This will ensure that your copies will be identical to your master. We now have an instructional video that can walk you through the process of converting your CD disc master to a BIN and CUE image file with free downloadable software for the Windows platform. You can view it here. This is fairly easy to do and will ensure your copies are exactly the same as your master.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommended that you send us a physical master disc exactly the way you want it, or an image file (DDP or Bin and Cue) instead of uploading individual audio files for the actual duplication. Our system makes an exact copy of the master and if you send us a master that has been checked by you or an image file created from your final master, there is really no possibility for error on the copies. When you upload individual files, all we can do is assemble the files in order and create a new duplication master. We become part of the process. While in almost every case this works, a master that you have checked for quality is in our opinion a better way to go whether physically sent to us or uploaded as an image file. When time is an issue the upload service works great but an image file also solves the time issue with a much better solution.

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