Dance cutting

Dance Cuts No One Will Notice!
We've been cutting dance music for 30 years. We started out with a reel to reel recorder where you actually cut the tape and then spliced it back together. It's where the word "cutting" came from.
Mark is a musician. He has written and arranged literally hundreds of songs. He knows what makes a good cut because he knows how to make sure it stays musical. Sure you can cut your own music these days but have you ever wondered why your cuts don't sound as good as the professional ones you hear on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance? It takes high level software and experience to get a professional sounding cut. If you cut it wrong, you jar the audience and take them out of the performance. They probably can't even tell you what jarred them, just that something seemed wrong.
A good cut goes by with nobody noticing. The focus is on the dance. That comes from years of experience and knowing music. Don't trust that to just anyone. Our service is affordable and easy to do. You don't even have to come in, just send us your track with basic instructions and we'll send you back the perfect cut.

You can upload your files here. Just drag and drop your files directly to the widget, or press select files and navigate to the location of the files on your computer. Then fill in the information and click send. We accept mp3, wav, m4a and aif files. If you have purchased the track in iTunes, you can find the file in your music folder. You can add the instructions in the optional message box. When directing us on what parts to cut and keep use this format:

Start 0:00 to 0:45
Pick back up at 1:29 to 2:15
Pick back up at 3:22 to end of song

After you have uploaed your files and instructions, call us. We'll go over everything and make sure we have what we need. We'll take your credit card payment information and get to work on your cuts. We'll make sure your cuts count properly and keep any pick-up lyrics etc pre-cut. We then send you a cut version to listen to and either approve or direct us further. It really is that easy.  Once the cut is approved, we'll charge your card for payment.